Ina versus Kandinsky


Petit point pattern inspired by the work of Kandinsky.
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My friend Ina Papma made a painting based on the work of Kandinsky.
She allowed me to make an embroidery pattern from this painting.
It took me two months before I was satisfied with the result and then another 10 months to embroider the pattern.
There are only petit point stitches used on 14 thread/cm fabric.
Petit point stitches are explained in the pattern.
Also the amount of stitches used each colour can be found in the pattern.
I used 1 thread of DMC.
The embroidery is approx. 45 x 33 cm.
A total of 292320 stitches!!!
If you prefer you can embroider the pattern with only cross stitches on 11 thread/cm fabric, but then it will be approx.114 x 84 cm.
130 colors DMC are used.

Pattern information:

Size: 630 x 464 petit point stitches (circa 45 x 33 cm.)
Fabric: Even-wave 14 threads/cm. Colour: White size 60 x 48 cm.
Used thread: DMC
Amount of Colours: 130
Kind of stitches: Petit point stitches
Year of design: 2021
Amount of pages: A4 54, Letter 49
PDF size: 1,12 MB

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