Tangram C.2


In these four Tangram figures 7 different structures are used.
More information you can read below.
This is a PDF pattern.


This pattern is a co-production of Aaron art and Naald en draad ( www.naaldendraad.com )
In this pattern 7 different structures are used.
The structures are embroidered with quarter cross-stitches.
Instead of quarter cross-stitches you can embroider half cross-stitches.
But then your pattern will be twice as wide and twice as high.
The out-ling of the figures is embroidered with the double running stitch.
You will find the explanation of the stitches in this pattern.
Every figure comes with a yarn card containing the colours I have used.
But you can choice your one colours or embroider the figure in one colour.
In each of the patterns C.1, C.3 and C.4 seven other structures are used.
Have fun embroidering these figures

Pattern information:

Size: various
Fabric: Zweigart, Belfast 12,6 threads/cm. Purple Colour no. 9033
Used thread: Au Ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger, DMC, Treasure Braid, Tentakulum
Amount of Colours: 1 to 7
Kind of stitches: Quarter cross-stitches and double running stitches
Year of design: 2019
Amount of pages: 9
PDF size: 2,27 MB

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