Interpretation of overpopulation in cross stitches.

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Until now this is the largest pattern I have made.
I wanted to design something with hexagons and turtles.
It kept on growing and growing, that’s why it is called overcrowding.
It took me a year designing and embroidering, this is the result.
So if you’re up for a big project this is it!
There are only 8 French knots in the pattern, so it can’t be too much work.
If you think it is a bit too much have a look at pattern Overcrowding Centre or Overcrowding detail.

Pattern information

Size: 680 x 592 cross-stitches circa 123 x 106 cm
Fabric: Jobelan 11 threads/cm Colour: Gold/yellow 140 x 120 cm
Used thread: DMC
Amount of Colours: 97 by combining two numbers 130 shades
Kind of stitches: Cross-stitches, back stitches and French knots
Year of design: 1999
Amount of pages: 44
PDF size: 1.146kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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