Rainbow Cube


Cross-stitch pattern of big colour full 3D hexagon.

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During one of the holidays with our little boot I saw a piece of patchwork
The inspiration for this pattern.
A lot of playing around with shapes and colors resulted in this pattern.
The way I did embroider the pattern it will measure ca. 70 x 70 centimeters.
Besides the back stitches only whole cross-stitches are used, so if you think it’s too big consider embroidering the pattern with petit point stitches.
Around every colour field a line of back- stitches is embroidered whit one strand of the same colour as the field itself.
In the end all of the field are surrounded whit a backstitch line of two strand with two different colours.
Backstitch lines of the fields that are at the border with the fabric are embroidered with two strand of the colour of that field.

Pattern information

Size: 390 x 390 cross-stitches circa 70 x 70 cm
Fabric: Jobelan 11 threads/cm Colour: Black 85 x 85 cm
Used thread: DMC
Amount of Colours: 45
Kind of stitches: Cross-stitches and back stitches
Year of design: 2007
Amount of pages: 22
PDF size: 298kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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