Stitching for women


Fourteen cross-stitch patterns. The benefits of this pattern will be donated to KWF.
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This is a PDF pattern.

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Only contains patterns and their descriptions, the photo shows some examples of what you can make with the patterns.
The benefits of this pattern will be donated to KWF.
Every year about 1,100 women in the Netherlands are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, 900 women per year die from this form of cancer.
The survival rate in ovarian cancer patients is alarmingly low.
Ovarian cancer is often discovered too late.
There is a reason it is called “the silent lady killer”.
This is because the disease is characterized by vague symptoms.
In this pattern the Teal Ribbon, the awareness symbol for this type of cancer, in the colour mint green is used.
The pink variation of the Teal Ribbon, symbol of breast cancer, perhaps is better known.
Embroidering these patterns you can replace the mint green colour by pink.

Pattern information

Size: Various
Fabric: Jobelan 12,5 threads/cm. Colour: off white no.862.10
Used thread: Anchor and one colour of Aurifil Vivace
Amount of Colours: 15
Kind of stitches: Full,- half,-and quarter cross-stitches, back stitches, cross-stitches on one thread of fabric
Year of design: 2011
Amount of pages: 7
PDF size: 389kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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