Yin Yang variation C


Petit point pattern Yin Yang variation C
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This is the third pattern of the Yin Yang project.

Yin and Yang are Chinese concepts.
Yin and Yang are two contradictory elements of the universe.
The universe: everything that is, therefore also everything that is not is called TAO.
It is not possible to know or understand the TAO, it shows itself in two contradictory values: Yin and Yang.
They are not absolute opposites like good and evil they only exist in relation to each other.
Yin is linked with the dark moon (witch it is turned away from the sun) and corresponds to female nature.
Yang is connected with the clear sun and corresponds to male nature.
A good balance between Yin and Yang brings harmony and prosperity.

The original Yin Yang sign is in black and white.
I designed four colored patterns and played with the shape.
The pattern only contains petit point stitches.
Petit point stitches are explained in the pattern.
You will find the amount of petit point stitches used each colour in the pattern.
In this pattern, it is important that the colors change fluently.
I did embroider this pattern with Au Ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger silk using one strand.
After it was finished I handpicked the colours to DMC.
Both colour ranges show a lot similarity, but there always will be little differences.
A computer image of the DMC version is included in the pattern.
You can choose to embroider this pattern with cross-stitches but the pattern will be a lot bigger.
Pattern Yin Yang variation B is embroidered with the same colours as this one.
Are you a fan of Yin Yang, buy pattern Yin Yang variation A,B,C,D. It contains all four patterns.

Pattern information

Size: 152 x 152 petit point stitches (circa 13,5 x 13,5 cm.)
Fabric: Jobelan 11 threads/cm. Colour: black no.429.18 size 30 x 30 cm.
Used thread: Au Ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger
Amount of Colours: 36
Convert list to: DMC
Kind of stitches: Petit point stitches
Year of design: 2015
Amount of pages: 7
PDF size: 423kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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