Yarn card

This is a website where you can purchase patterns.
As a one woman company it is not possible for me to have all the yarns and fabric on stock and the shipping costs would be substantial.
For materials I have to refer you to your local shop or one of the many online shops that specialize in embroidery supplies.

For “Au Ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger” silk I’ll make an exception.
If you want to embroider a pattern in “Au Ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger” colours I can make a yarn card for you.
This card will show the sign and number of the colour and contain enough thread to embroider the design.
The amount of silk is calculated based on the assumption that you are working on cloth made of 11 threads per centimeter, use 1 thread of silk and create 80 cross stitches per meter.
Using “petit-point” stitches it will be 160 stitches per meter of silk.
To calculate the amount of meters of silk needed for the backstitches, I multiply the number of centimeter of backstitches in the pattern by three.
I have all colours “Au Ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger” silk on stock, but this stock is very limited.
The yarn cards are made to order because there are a lot of variables to consider.
E.g. fabric used, style of embroidery, threads used, etc. etc.

What do you have to do to order a yarn card?
Send an email with the following details:
Your email address.
The number and name of the pattern.
You will receive an email with the calculated price of the custom made yarn card, shipping costs and the estimated delivery time.
I have to check if I have enough silk in stock, be home and have the time to create the card.
If, after the email correspondence, we agree on costs and shipping time you send me the money and I’ll send you the card.

The big advantage of the yarn card is that you don’t have to buy big quantities of silk yarn.
This is especially useful if the colour is only used for a couple of stitches.

Patterns on paper

The first version of Aaron Art only supplied patterns on paper.
The new website only supplies patterns digitally in a PDF format.
This is a much more efficient system. I don’t need to stock masses of paper and ink and patterns can be send digitally and automatically even when I am on holiday.
But there is no rule without an exception.
If you want a pattern on paper instead of digitally you can send me an email via the website and I will send you a cost estimate.
The price of a pattern on paper is based on the cost of the digital pattern, the printing costs and the shipping costs.
The paper pattern will be printed on 120 gram paper.