Compass rose


Backstitch pattern of a tablecloth with a compass rose.

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We have a little boat so we had to have a tablecloth with a compass rose on our garden table.
The challenge with this pattern was to translate the diagonal lines of the rose to the squares of the pattern creating lines with consistent distances for the back stitches.
I did embroider this pattern whit one strand, instead I had better used two strands.
In the middle of the picture you find the compass rose that I have embroidered.
The other roses are examples of possible color combinations.
You will find these alternative colour ranges in the pattern description.
Of course you can also choose to embroider the entire compass rose whit one colour.
The size of the compass rose depends on the type of fabric you use.
The picture shows the Dutch capitals N,O,Z,W, this English version of the pattern comes with N,E,S,W.

Pattern information

Size: 700 x 700 fabric threads circa 54 x 54 cm
Fabric: 13 threads/cm Colour: Blue grey 140 x 140 cm
Used thread: DMC
Amount of Colours: 6
Kind of stitches: Back stitches
Year of design: 2001
Amount of pages: 14
PDF size: 285kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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