Overcrowding detail


Smallest version of pattern Overcrowding.

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If you still think pattern  Overcrowding Centre is too much, but you do like to embroider the turtles this pattern might be just right.
Some of the turtles are a bit hidden but 16 turtles are complete.
Of course you can choose to embroider the 16 turtles separately without the hexagons.
Again the photograph shown is in virtual stitches otherwise this would be the third time I had to embroider the turtles.
The 8 French knots are still there.
If you want more details look at the information at pattern  Overcrowding.

Pattern information

Size: 198 x 145 cross-stitches circa 36 x 25 cm
Fabric: Jobelan 11 threads/cm Colour: Light grey 55 x 45 cm
Used thread: DMC
Amount of Colours: 63
Kind of stitches: Cross-stitches, back stitches and French knots
Year of design: 1999
Amount of pages: 9
PDF size: 473kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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