The new van Gogh


Geometric cross-stitch pattern of a sunflower.

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Maybe you did not recognize it, but this pattern is a sunflower!
It is a combination of the sunflower painted by “Vincent van Gogh” (1853-1890) and the beautiful geometric patterns that occur in nature.
In this pattern only full cross-stitches are used.
The outlining is embroidered with double running stitches ( black-work stitches )
Double running stitches are explained in the pattern.
Various examples of other color combinations are included in the pattern.

Pattern information:

Size: 296 x 284 cross-stitches circa 47 x 44 cm
Fabric: Zweigart, Murano 12,5 threads/cm Colour: Dark ecru no. 7025 59 x 56 cm.
Used thread: Au Ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger
Amount of Colours: 22
Convert list to: DMC
Kind of stitches: Full cross-stitches and double running stitches ( Black-work stitches )
Year of design: 2018
Amount of pages: 15
PDF size: 665kB

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