Adriana A


Art Nouveau cross stitch pattern with two cranes.


This is the first pattern of a triptych in Art Nouveau.
The pattern is based on a work by Albert Smit (1878-1946)
In this pattern I used Au Ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger silk
If Au ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger is not available in your neighborhood, or you think it is too expensive, you can embroider this pattern whit DMC.
In the pattern you will find a convert list to DMC.
The special stitches are explained in the pattern.
If you like to embroider al of the triptych, order Adriana A,B,C

Pattern information

Size: 119 x 298 cross-stitches circa 18 x 46 cm
Fabric: Jobelan 12,5 threads/cm Colour: no.23 size 30 x 58 cm
Used thread: Au ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger
Amount of Colours: 24
Convert list to: DMC
Kind of stitches: Cross-stitches, Petit point ( cross-stitch across one thread of fabric), French knot,
Back stitches
Year of design: 2010
Amount of pages: 9
PDF size: 374kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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