Adriana A,B,C


Art Nouveau cross stitch pattern the complete triptych cranes and  gold carps.


This pattern is an offer!
It contains all the three patterns.
The pattern is based on a work by Albert Smit (1878-1946)
In this pattern I used Au Ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger silk and Madeira metallic.
If Au ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger is not available in your neighborhood, or you think it is too expensive, you can embroider this pattern whit DMC.
In the pattern you will find a convert list to DMC and Metallics Blending Filament.
The special stitches are explained in the pattern.
Also look at the information about pattern Adriana A, Adriana B, and Adriana C.

Pattern information

Size: 119 x 298 cross-stitches circa 18 x 46 cm three times
Fabric: Jobelan 12,5 threads/cm Colour: no.23 two times. Colour no.56 one time, size 30 x 58 cm three times
Used thread: Au ver à Soie-Soie d’Alger silk and three colours Madeira metallic
Amount of Colours: 38
Convert list to: DMC and Kreinik Metallics Blending Filament
Kind of stitches: Full,- and quarter cross-stitches, Petit point ( cross-stitch across one thread of fabric), French knot, Back stitches
Year of design: 2010
Amount of pages: 23
PDF size: 749kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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