Astrology East-West


55 Cross-stitch patterns about Eastern and Western astrology with borders and an alphabet

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It seemed like fun to design patterns for bookmarks.
They have to be fairly small designs that is why I chose zodiac signs.
The Chinese zodiac signs have lovely characters and seemed to be very suitable.
During preparation I soon found Chinese astrology to be very complex.
I have tried to compose a brief, and hopefully comprehensive summary of Chinese astrology.
As a supplement to this summary I have added a section on Western astrology.
I’ve collected the information about the astrology and the interpretations of the symbols from several books and the internet.
The various sources sometimes contradict each other and I can’t honestly say this patter contains the only correct interpretation.
It became a rather long story, 25 pages, half of it text the other half patterns.
In the text you can find which symbols belong to you, or someone else you want to surprise with a nice embroidering work.
Astrology and symbolism are fun to work with, but above all you should have fun embroidering.

Pattern information

Size: 55 cross-stitch patterns circa 32 x 32 cross-stitches , borders and an alphabet
Fabric: Your choice
Used thread: Your choice
Amount of Colours: Your choice
Kind of stitches: Full,- half,- and quarter cross-stitches and back stitches
Year of design: 2009
Amount of pages: 25
PDF size: 1682kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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