In and Out of Love


Art Nouveau cross stich pattern containing the complete diptych with  marabous.


This pattern is an offer!
It contains both patterns of the diptych.
The pattern is based on a work by Albert Smit (1878-1946)
I hope everyone is and stay’s “In Love”, but as an embroidering work the look very nice together.
Embroidering these patterns I have used DMC and one colour of DMC colour variations.
You can replace the dark green colour variation by a dark green plain colour of DMC, but I like the vivid effect of the variation colour in this pattern.
Also look at the information about pattern In Love and pattern Out of love

Pattern information

Size: 187 x 199 cross-stitches and 191 x 199 cross-stitches circa 30 x 32 cm
Fabric: Belfast 12,6 threads/cm. Colour: light grey no.718 size 45 x 47 cm. two times.
Used thread: DMC and one colour of DMC colour variations
Amount of Colours: 25
Kind of stitches: Full,- half,-and quarter cross-stitches, Back stitches
Year of design: 2011
Amount of pages: 14
PDF size: 603kB
A4 and Letter are both included in the order.

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